How to Place order

Welcome to Homepossess, we offer free shipping to most countries.However, for special items or oversized items, shipping will be charged.

As of December 2, 2022, customers from 120 countries around the world have purchased products from our online store. Thank you very much, all customers and friends! We will continue to strive to provide the highest quality and most practical products.

First of all, it needs to be explained that the international express requires the recipient and the receiving address to be in English. Please fill in your name and delivery address in English when you place an order. If you do not have an English name, we will give you an English name based on the pronunciation of your name when we ship.
Please fill in your frequently used e-mail correctly, and check your e-mail at any time after placing an order. Because the language of each country is different, we usually contact you by email. We will tell you by email if any abnormal situation occurs during the logistics transportation process and delivery.

Secondly, it should be noted that the laws of some countries stipulate that citizens of their own countries need to provide their personal tax numbers for online purchases of goods before they can be shipped and cleared through customs. Please make a note when placing an order or send an email to We will keep your information strictly confidential.The following are the descriptions of personal tax ID numbers in 3 countries:

Brazil:Para pedidos com destino ao Brasil, o CPF do destinatário deve ser apresentado à Alfândega Brasileira para concluir a transação. O formato correto para CPF é: 000.000.000-00

Chile: Los consumidores de Chile deben proporcionar información sobre el número de identificación fiscal personal (número RUT). El formato del número RUT es: xxxxxxx-x o xxxxxxxx-x. Los primeros 7-8 dígitos de "-" son números arábigos y el último dígito de "-" son números arábigos 0-9 o la letra K.

Regular customers will get a certain discount when they place an order. On some special days, some product discounts are usually available.

You can directly select the product to complete the purchase, or you can purchase after registering an account. We use the official payment system. You can checkout with: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Here are the guidelines on how to place an order:

If you are shopping on your mobile phone, enter the website, click "Menu"/"CATALOG" in turn, and select the product category page to browse and view products. Or click "Menu" and enter English keywords in the search box to search for the product you want.

You can also find and click on the on my profile on the social platform, and on the next page, select the product category.

Some friends enter our online store after seeing their favorite product videos on my social platforms such as TK and Facebook, and want to find the products in the videos. At this time, you can search keywords to quickly find the product you want. The keyword you enter is preferably one word, not more than 2. If you don't find the corresponding product, please try another similar keyword search.
Most of the products in the videos posted on our social platforms are in our online store. If you really don't find this product and you really like it, you can email us:

Click on the product you like and select the desired color or style.

If you buy multiple styles or different products, please add the products to the cart "ADD TO CART" first, and then check out together in the cart.

If you only buy one product, please click "BUY IT NOW".

After entering the payment page, enter your email, consignee name, delivery address and contact number. Then click "Continue to shopping" and confirm that your shipping address is correct. If the delivery address is wrong, please modify it, or replace it with a new delivery address.

After confirming that the above information is correct, click "Continue to payment", enter your credit card information, and click "Pay now" to complete the checkout.

Note: For your smooth shopping and financial security, please enter the CVV value of your credit card correctly. If CVV verification fails, checkout will not be completed.

Thank you for your support, enjoy your shopping!