Starry Sky House: A Transparent, Minimalist, and Portable Living Space

360° Fully Transparent House Bubble House star room Starry Sky House Viewing House

Traditional houses mostly use floor-to-ceiling windows to expand the view inside the house, but this method also has certain limitations in view. With a house built with a 360-degree fully transparent house, we can clearly watch the outdoor landscape changes in the morning, noon, and evening.

This starry sky house boldly challenges the traditional house structure, and innovatively develops a transparent circular house that is easy to disassemble and move, which can provide a living space that is closer to nature. You can enjoy the extraordinary scenery while sitting indoors.

It adopts a minimalist structural design, its shape is similar to a "transparent bubble", and its internal functions also follow the principle of minimalism. It can be used as a bedroom or a dining room, which can meet the basic needs of users and at the same time realize the closeness with nature. distance contact.

Once the starry sky house came out, it was loved by many people. The starry sky house is easy to install and has a stable structure. It does not need a hoist or a worker, and can be assembled by itself. It not only has ventilation windows and screen windows to prevent the entry of mosquitoes, snakes and ants, but also resists the impact of bad weather. Even if it is hit by a 12-level typhoon, this starry sky house will not be affected at all.

The starry sky house uses polymer PC solid sheet, which is widely used in baby feeding bottles, aircraft portholes, and police anti-riot shields. It has the function of isolating outdoor noise and can further create a quiet private space for occupants to meet privacy needs.

At present, starry sky house has been widely used in many scenes such as private residences, homestays, restaurants, scenic spots, and farms. When you want to rest, close the curtains to isolate yourself from the outdoors and protect your privacy. At the same time, you can open the curtains on the top. Under the bright starry sky, you can stay away from the hustle and bustle, relieve stress, integrate into nature, relax your mind, and sleep under the stars.

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